Tradition style in Salzburg gets hearts all around the world racing

Traditional style is highly sought after in Salzburg by the local traditional fashion lovers as well as customers all over the world. Traditional clothing is more than just clothing items, it’s more a positive way of life.

Lodenfrey Trachtenjanker
Lodenfrey Trachtenjanker

Lodenfrey Trachtenjanker
Lodenfrey Trachtenjanker

Traditional style as a way of life!

Wearing traditional clothing makes people feel good and radiate real life satisfaction and excitement. It doesn’t matter whether you are young or old, you can find traditional clothing for every generation and gender.

Traditional clothing suits everyone and is always an elegant alternative. Traditional fashion is snazzy and the suitable attire whether worn to work, with your friends on a coffee date or for an event. It’s even a real eye catcher at the very famous Salzburg Music Festival, Salzburger Festspiel. It’s no wonder that traditional clothing has become idolized!


Where does traditional fashion come from?



Traditional style emerged at the end of the 1800’s. Traditional clothing was established to preserve the Austrian traditions. Later on, the Austrian traditional style became a fashion style of its own and was classified amoungst the people.

In the 1900’s they started to develop on the idea of Austrian traditional style. Farming families in particular believed the clothing should be modern, unspoiled folk heritage.

In the last couple of years tradition fashion has experienced an enormous revival in Germany and Austria. The return of traditional value and culture has been a significant contribution to its revival. Many people have incorporated traditional clothing into their daily living.

In the past, traditional clothing could tell you a lot about:
Where did the traditional clothing come from?
Where does the person wearing it come from?
The marriage status of a woman (this could be seen by the way she tied the ribbon of her apron)

The traditional clothing of today goes back to the hunting and hiking styles. It has been pepped up by the trendy fashion industry and has created traditional clothing as a fashion statement.


Traditional style – The traditional sports coat for men!

When purchasing a traditional sports coat, also known as a traditional jacket or “Trachtenjanker”, you should first consider whether you would like a traditional original or a sporty, modern coat?

Mozartjanker in blue and Mozart frock coat in red
Mozartjanker in blue and Mozart frock coat in red

Mozartjanker in red
Mozartjanker in red

Traditional style of the traditional sports coat, more particularly the Salzburger suit or jacket, is extremely popular. This is an elegant, modest sports coat in middle to dark grey fleece wool, with a green trim. There are many variations of this sports coat. The most popular designs are either with a lapel or raised colar. The back has a pinched seam with or without a battleaxe. Real deer horn buttons have become quite rare and are an indication of real feature.
The “Salzburger” is also very well suited to a formal occasion, worn with a vest underneath.

Das sportliche moderne Trachtensakko.
Hier ist zu Beginn zu überlegen, zu was Sie Ihr Sakko tragen wollen. Zu einer Lederhose oder doch lieber zu einer Stoffhose oder Jeans? Davon hängt nämlich die Länge des Sakkos ab. Zu der Lederhose werden die Trachtenjanker kürzer getragen.

Das sportlich moderne Trachtensakko ist wunderbar kombinierbar. Hier lässt sich sehr gut Tradition und Moderne miteinander verbinden! This is the reason why traditional fashion is alive and is not only worn by the local traditional clothing lovers but also by many in America and Japan.

How important is freedom of movement in your traditional sports coat?

Many men prefer a well-fitted design. Others are more in favour of freedom of movement. The range of movement can very easily be increase by means of the side slits. The pinched seams (also known as box pleat) on the back can also offer improved freedom of movement.

Traditional fashion wearability should also not be too short!

Mozartjanker in blue
Mozartjanker in blue


We the gentlemen’s outfitter Gollhofer place considerable worth on the material and manufacturing countries.

The love of detail, elaborate finishings and refined embroidery, round up our collection. The owner, Christoph Wimmer (professional men’s and ladies master tailor) pays particularly great attention to fabric selection and workmanship, as the expert in his field!

Natural materials are preferred in the fabric selection. These fabrics have a distinctive good wearability and increase the comfort factor. Men do not only want to look good in their traditional sports coat but they also want to perspire less. This is why synthetic fibers are just not suitable. We favour the fabrics according to the time of the year: such as fleece wool, loden, silk, cotton, linen and also the microfibers for the leatherette effect. We also use fabric blends to improve the wearability and to simplify the aftercare.

In the past there were not so many options of traditional outfits as there are today. The scope of traditional clothing is much more hidden in the design and colour. This is why there are many more options in the clours.
Tip: Stay true to a specific colour in order to improve your individual look.


For you to make an attractive entrance on the scene, lots of attention is put on the perfect fit. Our highly trained and enthusiastic team supports you with lots of flair in order to emphasize your individual style.
Your haberdasher from Salzburg stock mens sizes 40 -60 and the sizes 24 -31!
The brands which are favoured for traditional fashion include: Lodenfrey, Schneiders, Steinbock and our own label Gollhofer.


Traditional style – The traditional style jacket for women!

Heating up the traditional clothing scene is the traditional style jacket! That means every woman wearing the traditional style jacket.

The traditional style jacket has become indispensible in Austria and Germany.Its fit everywhere, from Dirndl to the sporty jeans outfit. A real must have!
The traditional style jacket is also ver popular internationally and many traditional fashion fans all over the world have an appreciation for it.



The traditional style jacket is real eye candy, which brings you pure delight. There isn’t another garment, which can be well combined and with its plentitude of possibilities and ideas it cannot be outdone.
The traditional style jacket really brings traditional fashion to life! Vast colour and form make it possible.

Would you prefer a high neck jacket or rather a lapel jacket?
When you are blessed with a larger bust size, then I would like to congratulate you! In order to give you a good silhouette, it lengthens your neckline! The V-neck extends the body and lengthens the neck.
Here we definitely prefer the lapel jacket!
Tipp: a lightly draped scarf or a long chain is a good distraction from a fuller bust size!

How do I make my traditional style jacket my favourt garment?
To be really comfortable in your jacket you have to consider a number of factors.

Hand selected regional material, perfect fit and lots of attention to detail makes your traditional style jacket completely unique. When it comes to material it is important to concentrate on quality and weight! Nobody wants an unnecessarily heavy jacket!
Depending on the season, material such as silk, linen, cotton and light loden, is preferred
Tipp: The figure is complimented with shorter and tighter jackets. This has the side effect of elongating the legs! Longer jackets are perfect for mask problem areas. The morning coat (also known as cardigan) is also very well suited.

Mozartjacke in red
Mozartjacke in red

Mozartjacke in blue
Mozartjacke in blue

With a variety of colour possibilities, its important not look too washed out. Stay loyal to a colour tone! And then find your favourite jacket.

Decorate you jacket with scarves and shawls.
You will be impressed with the new touch each item brings.
We stock the leading Austrian brand Hubegger with wonderful flowing material.


The clothier Gollhofer happily supports you in making your jacket a real showstopper.
We would like to invite you to our open and friendly atmosphere!
The loyal and competently qualified Gollhofer team is looking forward to your visit.


Our own creation In the traditional style scene is the Mozart jacket for both men and women!

Our Mozart jacket for both men and woman is great for all lovers of tradition fashion. It is made of a lightweight loden material, which can be worn in both summer and winter. Metal buttons minted with Mozart’s face, attention to detail and quality workmanship round up this garment. It has double piped pockets and buttonholes and elaborately worked raise collar in a perfectly coordinated contract colour.
The colour pallet is impressive and creates real individual pieces.
These are the ingredients for a classy appearance, which is makes every outfit exciting.

Mozartjacke in anthrazit
Mozartjacke in anthrazit

Mozartjacke in beige
Mozartjacke in beige

The Mozart jacket can be worn with fine trousers as well as with Jeans. Of course, women can also wear it with a skirt.
The collection is bigger for women. The Mozart jacket is also available in a morning coat. It has a good length and can also be comfortable worn by shorter women. It can be worn with shirts or blouses, which you can find in our traditional fashion range.
The clothier Gollhofer stock brands such as Eterna and Arido!
Our impressive qualified team is happy to advise you and have the knowhow to emphasise your individual style.


Mozartjanker in red
Mozartjanker in red

Tipps for tradition fashion


The right arm length:

For the perfect appearance it is important to pay attention to the right length of the arms. This is more often being neglected and this gives the impression that the jacket is too big. This has the optical effect of shrinking the body. The rule of thumb is that the buttons cover your wrist and sleeve hem. Approximately 1.5 cm of the wristband should be seen.

What is import for the vest under the traditional style jacket?
To spruce up your look you should consider that the vest should always be fitted to your body. The vest must cover the waistband of your trousers and the last button is always worn open. Make sure that the vest is fitted but not too tight, to prevent the impression that the buttons are ready to burst open.
Your shirt should at no point be visible at the most bottom part of the vest.

Mozartjacke rot und Mozartjanker blue
Mozartjacke rot und Mozartjanker blue

What does the perfect trousers look like?

The perfect trousers are extremely important to not shrink you in your outfit. Trousers, which are too short, create the appearance of shorter legs. And nobody wants to look shorter. Wear a suitable pair of shoes to define your hemline, or better yet, none at all.
The hemline should rest on the front of the show but not touch the heel. The leg of the trousers can be slightly shorter in the front than at the back.
It is important to figure out whether the length of the trousers makes your legs look shorter or longer.


Why traditional fashion in Salzburg?

Nicely clad in Traditional outfits.

This is a big concern for Christoph Wimmer, in the middle of Salzburg, opposite Schloss Mirabell. Clothing is more than just covering your body. It is a positive lifestyle and a exuberance of satisfaction and excitement.

Arido blouse and shirt
Arido blouse and shirt

Gollhofer has been mentioned as a Salzburger business since 1791 and is one of the oldest fashion and traditional style stores in the city. The company is proud of its history.

The owner Christoph Wimmer is qualified men’s and ladies master tailor. He is a complete expert in everything to do with material and fit. He has a love for detail, profound trade knowledge and a feel for style that draws Gollhofer fashion out.
Tradition is classic and classy.
Tradition and modern go hand in hand with one another and can be combined with flair and attraction.

Customers are clearly very comfortable in an open and friendly atmosphere. Shopping becomes an experience and a source of inspiration.
The best, qualified, friendly and loyal team know how to charmingly style the customer and emphasise his/ her individual style.

We provide the style blend between traditional and modern, expert advice, high quality and a good price performance.

Trachtenjacken mens
Trachtenjacken mens

Wide range

The clothier happily offers its customers a huge selection of traditional sports coats, traditional jackets, overcoats, trousers, shirts, blouses, pullovers and traditional style vests.

Out of principal, Style out of Europe

Fair trade and local production has for years been an important part of the family philosophy. No third countries are involved.
Christoph Wimmers gets to the point: I love beautiful clothing and I am deeply convinced in doing something good to impart this joy and passion on my customers.

Clothing makes the person!

TAX FREE shopping available!

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