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Sporty as well a modern men love an accomplished fashion mixture of traditional and modern. Men love uncomplicated fashion, which looks good and conveys a personal clothing style, in which they feel comfortable. A comfortable atmosphere as well as exceptional and open advice is essential when shopping.
The haberdasher, Gollhofer in Salzburg is your shopping experience with an open, warm atmosphere for business, leisure and even traditional fashion!

Carl Gross
Carl Gross

Carl Gross
Carl Gross

Men pay the same attention to quality as women! In addition, it is of particular importance to men that the men’s fashion has a comfortable and exceptional wearability, for example, men’s vests, from Merino wool, are comfortable to wear and look amazing. Men’s vests can be easily and stylishly combined with trousers, jeans or traditional trousers, such as corduroy and woolen trousers. Men prefer the obvious “less is more” for their men’s day wear as sporty or sometimes tradition.
By the haberdasher, Gollhofer, you can find well-known brands such Bugatti, Steinbock, Lodenfrey, Eterna, Pierre Cardin, Carl Gross, Brax, Schneiders, Oleana, Hiltl, Meyer, Arido, Nobel Wilde, Alpentrick, as well as their own Gollhofer brand.


Why a shirt from the haberdasher?

Haberdashers are extremely important for men because what is to be considered already starts at the choosing of a shirt.
A particular focus in menswear fashion is therefore the men’s shirt. You can already plan your outfit with the choice of the colour and design of the shirt. Every man should own at least three shirts. The first one is the everyday shirt. Here you should opt for a white or light blue colour. Choose a cotton shirt with a very simple collar. Make your choice according to your style and personality. It can also be white printed or with a subtle colour tone. In this case the colour of your shirt should harmonize with your suit or your sports jacket.
Your second shirt should be for more elegant occasions. Here we would advise a white mercerized cotton shirt with a classic collar. If you are wearing a printed sports jacket you should make sure that the two prints match each other.
Your third shirt should be more relaxed. It should be suitable to be worn with your suit, without a vest and with a sports jacket and with trousers. You can also opt for a monotone shirt but you could also go with a check or striped shirt. If you are uncertain, you should rather stick to a single colour. As we mentioned before, men love uncomplicated that is why they often look for ironing free shirt. We the haberdasher Gollhofer are the leading stockers of the brand Eterna.

Eterna 2017S1
Eterna 2017S1

Eterna Black Friday
Eterna Black Friday


Men’s vests from Haberdasher Gollhofer!

Men’s vest can be well combined and they offer flair!
However, one should decide if they are interested in the traditional, sport knitted vest or a waistcoat. In order to determine whether you vest will look good, you will have to focus on the size and the fit. What to focus on?
Vets are always body fitted. The last button is always worn open. The vest should cover the waistband of your trousers. Your vest should be fitted but not that tight that the buttons are about to pop off. You should never be able to see part of the shirt or belt under the bottom part of the vest.
The quality of the vest is also of particular importance. What make a vest become your favourite clothing piece? Vests in Merino wool are exceptionally popular because of their comfort and wearability. They are extremely light and soft. Colour also makes a huge impact on quality. But don’t only think that trending colours are import. Stay true to yourself when choosing a colour and keep in mind that it should be possible to combine it with various trousers. We stock the leading Italian brand Ferrante. Other brands include Carl Gross and our sports collection consists of Ragman and Pierre Cardin.
Let yourself be honestly and competently advised by our fashion house!

Ferrante Uomo Look
Ferrante Uomo Look

Your haberdasher in Salzburg offers the best advice by:

Helping you to find the suitable size and fit.

We stock, not only the menswear sizes 46-60 but also the sizes 24-31!

The right arm length for your sports jacket!
As a ground rule, the sleeve seam should cover the wrist bones. You should be able to see about 1.5 cm of the shirt cuff. Unfortunately, the sleeves of most sports jackets are too long. Most times it covers a large part of the hand. This has the optical effect of making the arms look too small. We the haberdasher Gollhofer, stock the brands Carl Gross, Toyner, Lodenfrey, as well as our own Gollhofer brand.

This makes your trousers a perfect fit!
To define the hemline of your trousers you should wear complimenting shoes. The trousers hemline should not reach the heel and it should rest on the front of the shoe. The legs of the trousers could be slightly longer at the back than in the front. Keep in mind that the length of your trousers could either make your legs look longer or shorter.



Men all around the world do not wear socks with their suits but rather knee length socks!
Socks should generally be longer.
The combination of white sports socks with a black suit, is one of the biggest fashion disasters. Avoid this combination at all costs. Bare calves are only allowed in sport.
Absolute no go: Sneaker socks or no socks at all!

To make you look really good in your men’s shirt, keep in mind:
Which collar should you choose?
The button down collar is suitable for work, leisure and all casual social get-togethers. It’s not suitable for formal events. Ties do not wrap well around button down collars. Make sure your shirt sits well, that your tie is not too broad for the collar type and that the fabric does not pull at around the shoulders. Otherwise you could experience folding on the upper breast of the shirt, which could make the collar look out of place. In case of emergency, let us alter the first button of your shirt.
The Kent collar consists of a small, wide set collar points. The always creates an elegant look. This collar is suitable for men with a more formal style. It allows for a broader tie knot. The small wide set collar is not favourable for men with a rounder face structure.
The shark collar is a modern collar. The collar points are even more shorter and are set wider apart than the Kent collar. A suitable tie not for such a collar would be the double Windsor knot. The shirt with the shark collar is very elegant and classic and is well suited to tailored suits. It is however, important to pay attention to the choice of tie. It should not be too narrow so that it distorts the proportions. The shark collar is in principle, suited to a narrower face structure. It is the most popular collar for those who dress with a business style because it delivers a more serious impression.
We the gentleman’s outfitters, Gollhofer are very happy to help you find a suitable shirt and matching tie for your every occasion. Breast pocket handkerchiefs and cufflinks can also work wonders!
We stock shirts from the brands Eterna and Arido. The ties from Hubegger and from an Italian tie producer Ganz.

Carl Gross
Carl Gross

Traditional fashion in Salzburg from the gentlemen’s outfitters Gollhofer

Style and class are some of the words used to describe traditional fashion in Salzburg. Men can wear traditional fashion to work, meetings with friends, going out as well as the Salzburger Festspiel. Traditional fashion gives us a sense of style, zest for life and authenticity. Men are always well dressed when wearing traditional fashion and also look quite dapper.

Traditional clothing is also so popular because it is easy to combine. Tradition and modern to not rule each other out but rather charmingly contrast each other in the traditional fashion scene. Traditional fashion is never boring, which is seen in many trends. Even if you are not a lover of traditional fashion, in Salzburg you cannot go without it. Traditional fashion has once again become a real trendsetter.

Our customers and traditional fashion lovers all over the world appreciate us because of our love for attention to detail and with competent ant honest advice from our heart warming team. Our traditional fashion house Gollhofer, which has been documented since 1791, scores with many of its own creations. Other ingredients of our elegant or sports jackets are the regional materials, perfect fits and loads of attention to detail.

The cut of the traditional jacket should be to the hips. Decorative buttons and optical horn and metal engraved buttons, round off the general picture of traditional fashion. The traditional jacket or the Trachtenjanker can be worn in combination with a shirt and waistcoat. When attending a more casual event, it can be combined with jeans, corduroy trousers or cotton trousers. For formal occasions it is best to wear woolen trousers with a traditional jacket or even better is to wear the traditional Salzburg suit (Salzburger Anzug”). The whole work of art can be changes with the perfect suited traditional shirt and with a matching traditional tie.
We at Gollhofer, the traditional gentlemen’s outfitter in Salzburg, stock the leading brands in traditional jackets, in all colours and in the sizes 46-31, in our own creations as well as brands such as Lodenfrey and Schneiders.

Mozartjanker in rot
Mozartjanker in red

Mozartjanker in blau
Mozartjanker in blue

An amazing experience by the gentlemen’s outfitter Gollhofer in tailoring!

If you do not want a suit off the shelf, you have the option of acquiring a tailor made suit.
Do you know the feeling of investing lots of time and energy into finding the perfect suit? Or when you finally find the perfect blue suit with 3 buttons but your size is no longer in stock. You can either settle for a compromise or you can get a tailor made suit!
It is an amazing experience for men and a special purchase of a tailor made suit after making an appointment with the professional master tailor!

We are happy to make time for you and to advise you with the profound knowledge of our tailor. Cut, quality of material, the specific colour of the lining, the monogram, button in sleeves and the perfect matching buttons. All the different features can be chosen, from a range of possibilities, exactly the way you imagine it. By this wide range of fabrics it is possible for every man to have the perfect suit tailored for him. Feel comfortable in your “second skin”! Regardless of which occasion, whether elegant business suit or the casual free time suit as well as a stylish smokikng.


We make in store alterations

How do you find the perfect tailor made suit?
In order for you to get an idea, we put you in a sample jacket, in your size. With the aid of the sample jacket, the tailor will talk you through every aspect of your form. Thereafter you can choose all options for personalizing your suit. High precisioned machines cut each part of the suit from your hand-selected fabric. Experienced seamstresses sew your suit together piece for piece.
In just a few weeks, your personalized, individual feel good suit is ready!
Treat yourself to a hint of luxury!

Clothing makes the person!

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