Women’s Fashion, because every woman is unique!

Your clothing should be as unique as you!
Whether elegant, trendy or casual! Women want trendy, modern women’s fashion. However, a fashion mixture between traditional and modern also has its appeal!
Women love to feel comfortable in their clothing – Women want more than “just clothing”.

We the fashion house Gollhofer are very proud of our long and traditional history as a company. Gollhofer was already in 1791, mentioned in Mozart Year and is one of the oldest Fashion businesses in the heart of Salzburg. Our fashion house stands out for our customers as having a successful fashion mixture of traditional and modern as well as expert advice, high quality and a consistent value for money relationship. Fair trade and ecological production, primarily from Europe has been a pressing concern in our family philosophy. We are happy to invest our time in ladies fashion because we know that women place a lot of value in their appearance.

Tarras Crew
Noble Wild: Tarras Crew

Blouses, the all time classic in women’s wear!

A well-fitted blouse improves appearance tremendously! The basics consist of the white or light blue blouse and can be found in the wardrobe of almost every woman, Blouses are a must have for every business outfit! Our blouse company Eterna has the following to say about the question as to quality and a good conscience: “In order to look good, the quality has to be perfect – and in the best case scenario they should also be produce politically and ecologically correct.”

As the blouse rests directly on the body, the quality and colour are of utmost importance. Natural material such as cotton and silk are therefore preferred. Theses fabrics are of course more comfortable to wear, are soft and have an elegant sheen. With a hint of elastin you can find a blouse with a bit more movability.

How does one wear a blouse in today’s ladies fashion: Tucked in or out?

It is currently most popular to wear your blouse tucked in to your trousers or skirt regardless of the length or the design of the blouse. The advantage is that it accentuates the figure. The legs become optically longer. A belt or other pretty details to the trousers are more visible and offers more styling freedom.



How do you tuck in your shirt so that it always looks good?
It doesn’t matter whether you tuck the blouse in all the way around or just in the front, on the sides or only at the back, you can adjust it in the mirror to see what suits you best. When tucking in on the sides you should leave the bottom part open. Tuck the one side into the band and let the other side drape casually.
For business wear or other formal events one should always wear a blouse as it creates a serious impression.
There is a wide range of blouses such as the shirt blouse, the tunic blouse, the frill blouse etc… You can decide which you prefer. Note that the shirt blouse color should be worn on top of the blazer collar, as opposed to how it is worn by men! We stock the perfect suited blouses from the German brand Eterna.

There is just as much room for play with traditional blouses.
Traditional blouses are worn traditionally classic or with modern nuances. Whether serious, or maybe even sexy, you can achieve your look with different blouse styles and traditional techniques. You can also place exciting details as the focal point. The size of the detail or design will depend on your stature. Smaller women should opt for smaller prints, whereas larger woman can play around with bigger designs. The smaller designs are lost on a fuller figure. Larger designs are too overbearing for petite women. Find your favourite blouse and explore or offers! We have a wide selection from the Austrian companies Arido, Wohlfühl- and Lebensfreude.



Does the knitted vest or knitwear itself still have a place in ladies fashion?

Barely any clothing items exist, which cannot be found in knit. Pieces such as knitted vests, knitted pullovers, knitted tunics, knitted skirts or scarves or hats and gloves are amongst the list. We can endlessly organize the list because knitwear can ideally be suited to fashion. Knitwear accompanies us daily.

The material determines the quality and the temperature. Do you prefer a cuddly, warm, comfortable knitted vest or rather a short-sleeved pullover with exciting colours and cooling material?
For the layered look you can keep warm with different styles with amazing knitted vests, tunics and morning coats. Here you will find there are no limitations to mixing and matching.
Whether you wear it sporty, elegant or casual you will always have a classy appearance in knitwear fashion at the Salzburger Festspiel or to cuddle up on the couch with your cozy pullover.
And lets not forget, what would traditional fashion be without the knitted vest.



What do you expect from your knitwear?
Brilliant colours, amazing trendy fits or is the wearing comfort more important?

We, the fashion house Gollhofer, situated on Mirabellplatz, are currently showcasing a special flair for dreamy quality and good styles. Our presentation of knitted jackets, knitted morning coats and pullovers from the brand Oleana are timeless and elegant.
That is why out motto is “Knitwear is chic”!

Once you have slipped into a classic piece from Oleana, you won’t want to try any other knitwear. Oleana stands for high quality workmanship, comfortable wearability and responsible manufacturing. Only the best ingredients are considered: Merino wool and silk or 100% Alpaca. The brilliant colours are unique!
And because the colours reflect themselves in the different models, they are particularly appealing to combine. The love for detail can be seen in not only the design and the trimmings but also the noteworthy buttons. The cherry on top, are the accessories, starting with the memorizing wrist cuffs to the perfect matching necklace.


Alpenstrick cardigan in green with embroidered flower
Alpenstrick cardigan in green with embroidered flower

Other leading brands include Nobel Wild and New Zealand!
The colours are inspired by the New Zealand landscapes, the ocean, the sky and the rockery. This unique collection is made of pure natural fabrics such as Merino wool and possum. The mixture makes the fibers double as warm as wool and extremely robust, light and velvety smooth. Smart details and the perfect fit combined with infinitely rich ideas make the knitted jackets a real experience. Your clothing should be as unique as you!

In Salzburg the knitted vest should also always be present on the knitwear scene. We are particularly proud to present the Austrian traditional brand Alpenstrick.
Traditional designs and modern interpretation is the easiest way to describe the knitted vest. The enormous colour varieties, really gets women’s hearts racing. Here you will certainly find your perfectly suited knitted vest for every outfit.
The length of the vests is also perfect, whether short or long (morning coat) you will definitely find something to suit every taste. The sets of hats, gloves and scarves are also extremely popular in winter. The design, colour and love for detail are not only popular amongst our local traditional clothing lovers but also customers from all over the world. Whether in summer or in winter, the knitted vest adorns your outfits throughout the entire year with the hand-embroidered motives produced in Austria.

Oleana North Cape
Noble Wild: North Cape

Noble Wild

Jackets and coats adorn ladies wear fashion!

Schneiders: Arwenia

Jackets are a must companion and that is why we pay lots of attention to our jackets and coats. In summer, women prefer outstanding and light, in autumn, wind and waterproof and in winter cuddly and soft.

What criteria are important to you when choosing a new jacket or coat?
Ask yourself the following questions:
Will you be wearing your jacket or coat only with trousers or with skirts? What shoes will you be wearing? Do you prefer a casual, comfortable, sporty look or an elegant gala jacket or coat?

The colour is very important for a summer jacket. It should be feather light and breathable.

The in between seasons jacket or coat should not be too heavy, breathable and waterproof and possibly even with a hood. Form and colour are also important to woman. Women don’t want to feel the cold, and the winter jacket should not only look good but also be warm enough. There is nothing worse than freezing in your winter jacket. That is why they pay particular attention to quality and workmanship.
Make your jacket a real eye catcher! Find you charming piece to put you in the scene!

High quality workmanship, a dab of luxury and lots of love, this is what the Salzburg company, Schneiders has to offer the world! Quality and charm has a new name in Salzburg. Schneiders jackets and coats are most popular here.
A significant point is the success story of the amazing fit. Functionality and the wide range of colours round off the popularity. Your jacket can be elegant and classic or do you prefer a jacket, which is suitable for everyday? Make you jacket choice an experience and let our warm hearted open atmosphere and our loyal and enthusiastic staff advise you.



Traditional jackets in Salzburg ladies wear is a must have!

The companion of traditional wear is the traditional jacket!
Every woman needs her traditional jacket.

The traditional jacket can be incorporated in many ways and one cannot forget that its keep you warm in your traditional outfit.
You cannot be without the traditional jacket in our community. The traditional jacket can be worn with a dirndl or with the traditional skirt or trousers.

Mozartjacke in red
Mozartjacke in red

Mozartjacke in beige
Mozartjacke in beige

When to wear the traditional jacket?
Whether strolling down the street, visiting a festival or at work, even when meeting with a friend and it starts to cool down you can always pull on your traditional jacket. The traditional jacket is a real eye catcher in ladies fashion. It’s a must have for every traditional fashion lover. Barely any other clothing piece can be so well combined with its multifaceted nature and an idea, which cannot be surpassed.

The traditional jacket is not at all boring, will never be out of fashion and is easily incorporated. Clean up your look with a traditional jacket! The jacket combines traditional and modern. In ladies fashion, the traditional jacket is not only function, in keeping you warm but it is also a real eye catcher!

How long should your traditional jacket be?
From waist length to morning coat, there is enough to choose from.
The figure is complimented with a shorter, fitted jacket and furthermore, the shorter jacket makes the legs look longer. Longer jackets are perfect for those wishing to cover up their so-called problem areas. There is the perfect jacket for every woman.
The length of the jacket is also of course dependent on the clothing, which it is worn with. The asymmetrical look is no longer in trend, but rather the figure revealing fits!
Tipp: Try to avoid high cut jackets if you are lucky enough to have a larger bust.

Mozart Gehrock in blue
Mozart Gehrock in blue

Mozartjacke in green
Mozartjacke in green


Your jacket should literally be the center of attention. We, the fashion house Gollhofer, are standing by, with our competent and open staff, to make your traditional jacket shopping a real experience. Let yourself be inspired by our team and browse through our wide selection of jackets. Amazing colours and the love of attention to detail will get your heart racing. With our experience, passion and our leading fits, made of regional fabric and gorgeous colour selection, the Mozart jacket was created. Wonderful Mozart metal buttons delivers an elegant look and makes a real one of a kind.

A real show stopper for the traditional jacket is the scarf or shawl!
We are the leading stockers of the Austrian brand Hubegger.

Let us dress you – Gollhofer fashion – your ladies wear fashion from Salzburg!

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