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Knitwear at its finest!
Knitwear is chic! This is the motto for the traditional fashion company Gollhofer in Salzburg.

What garment can’t you find in knit?
The knitwear fashion made its entrance into mainstream to the extent that we cannot imagine fashion without it.
Everyone, man or woman has his or her favourite knitwear in his or her wardrobe.



Knitwear for men!

Timeless and class or sporty if you prefer?
It doesn’t matter what you preference is, the range is endless and it’s not that easy to make a decision.
That’s why many men dread the mere thought of swapping out their favourite piece for a new one.

What make your knitwear fashion to your favourite piece?



When we think about this question, we immediately have so many answers which come to mind.
Quality, material, fit and colour!

Quality is so important. Nothing is more nerve wrecking than a scratchy pullover or vest. That’s why the knitwear fashion should be cuddly, soft and light.

The material makes the difference, regardless of whether the knitwear garments should be suited for summer or winter.
We prefer natural materials.
Cotton is perfect for summer time and is easy to care for.
Merino wool has an exceptionally comfortable fit and to top it off, it is also very light.
Cashmere is extremely classy, and that’s why it costs a pretty penny.
Possum wool comes from New Zealand and is lighter and warmer than wool.

The cut gives your favourite garment its form and that’s why it looks so good.
Tipp: Knitted vests should be worn quite body fitted.

When it comes to colour you shouldn’t always follow the latest trend. Try to stay loyal to a specific colour.
What’s important is that you know what you have in your wardrobe. That way you will always be able to combine your favourite knitwear garment.


The Men’s knitted vest

The knitted vest made its first appearance during the middle of the1920’s. This was the start of something brilliant. Knitted vest then became the go to outfit, especially popular as a leisure time uniform for men. Knitwear then has it second boom with the onset of the retro trend. This was the reawakening of the then died put image of the knitted vest. The men’s knitted vest is now a must have in the broader population and pretty much every man has at least one. This popular garment is not just perfect for leisure time but it also pops as a sports fashion item.


The men’s pullover

For the middle class, the pullover could not be chic enough. As soon as men started to dress sportier in in their free time, the pullover came in fashion.
Initially, the round neck was the most favoured, later followed by the V-neck. This was considered a bit more elegant.
The pollen neck was created as a replacement to wearing scarves in winter.
In the past the knitted pullover was made tailored and then sewn together. It was much later that it was offered as in full knit.
The pullover was also knitted in chucky wool in the past. In the last couple of years it became more prevalent to find pullovers knitted in softer finer yarn.
Today you can find the finest knitwear fashion in various colours, cuts and quality.

Ferrante Strickpullover
Ferrante Strickpullover

Ferrante Strickpullover
Ferrante Strickpullover

By us you can find pullovers and knitted jackets from the brand Ferrante.
Ferrante is a remarkably popular Italian knitwear fashion producer.

The brand Ferrante was founded in the 1950’s. Experience and commitment, to particularly meticulous manufacturing in every phase, makes the family business stand out amongst the rest. The selection of the best yarn rounds up their history of success. This is how they already from the beginning recognized the wishes of their customers. Elegance and comfort makes the knitted jackets from Ferrante stand out amongst tits competitors. The implement the newest fashion trends with accessories and sophistication to create a unique product. The brilliant colours and high quality as well as its casual elegance, modern design makes their pullovers or knitted vests a unique favourite piece.

We stock traditional vests from the brand Alpenstrick

The Austrian family business was founded in the 1940’s and comes from the province of Burgenland. The high quality product is exclusively produced in their knitting factory in Austria. With lots of love, passion, creativity and modern spirit of time, they produce the most elegant pieces. Specific eye catchers are produced from elegant yarn and buttons. The typical deer horn buttons or metal buttons with a variety of engraved designs make these knitted vest a one of a kind.

Noble Wild

Noble Wild

We also stock the popular brans Ragman, Nobel Wild and Pierre Cardin.

Gollhofer offers the friendly open atmosphere, which is a source of inspiration to the customers.


Knitwear fashion for women

Knitwear fashion is particularly important for women.
Practically every clothing item exists in knit. Women feel most comfortable in their knitted vests, pullovers, knitted dresses or skirts, tunics and of course, scarves, knitted hats and gloves.
Every woman has her very own collection of knitwear in her wardrobe!
Knitwear fashion is fits perfectly to their spirit of time.
Its perfect if you wish to slip into your casual pullover to cuddle up on the sofa or for grabbing your expensive, elegant morning coat to visit the Salzburger Festspiel. The scope for knitwear fashion is so broad. You’ll find something from elegant to unapologetically comfortable for your free time.
Woman love knitwear fashion!



Modern trendy designs, wearability, quality and mesmerizing colours make s your favourite knitwear fashion garment stand out.
Barely any other clothing item makes its debut on the fashion scene as often as knitwear fashion no matter whether as a sporty look of a leisure time look.
Knitwear fashion is a must have for every season and not just for winter!
The quality tells us whether we feel comfortable in our knitwear. Cuddly, soft, light materials are most inviting. Natural materials easily create this effect.
The highlight is a mixture between merino wool and silk. With this blend you will feel all the features of the warm merino wool and the cooling feeling of the silk in one garment. Pre luxury. Once you opt for this on of a kind gem you will surely be impressed and you’ll find it hard to opt for any other fabric.



The Oleana brand is a dream come true!
Oleana aims to produce exquisite knitwear fashion. They manufacture with an eye for beauty and high quality for people who know to appreciate and enjoy their products.
The Norwegian company produces sustainable knitwear fashion. They promote using ecological responsible raw materials and prefer natural fibers like woo, silk, Alpaca and linen.

With lots of love, they produce real eye catches. The brilliant colours and the unique designs make their elegant pieces a pure feast for the eyes. A real source of inspiration. It starts with the edging and carries through to the exquisite buttons.
Oleana has an unmistakable signature and the individual pieces help you create exciting combinations. The range is endless, from knitted vests, pullovers, short sleeve pullovers, skirts, wristbands to scarves and knitted hats! They also have bright matching chains to perfectly round off your outfit.

Noble Wild
Noble Wild

Noble Wild
Noble Wild

Noble Wild, The luxury brand without compromise!
Elegant women want the perfect workmanship, comfort and long lasting quality.

The conservative colour palette from Noble Wild is inspired by the natural beauty of New Zealand landscapes, such as the colours of the skyline, the ocean and the rockery. Noble Wild combines the extraordinary natural fibers of the world. They combine the thick silk wool from merino and possum fibers. The combination offers a soft yarn which cannot be matched in warmth and lasting quality.
Merion wool diverts moisture and that’s what keeps your skin warm and dry. The possum fibers also feather light.
Perfect cut, intelligent details and effortless styles raise classic basics to timeless luxury products!
The range starts from super light knitted vests, pullovers, ponchos, scarves, gloves and hats to cuddly warm socks.
A gratifying selection with sophisticated details is at your fingertips!

Noble Wild
Noble Wild
Noble Wild
Noble Wild

In our traditional fashion range, we stock the brand Gweih & Silk!
The brand Gweih & Silk pays attention to high quality workmanship and the perfect cut to their knitted jackets.
Modern spirit for time is combined with traditional style.
Let yourself be captured by the fine chic knitwear in traditional styles!
Traditional fashion adds to you life satisfaction, looks good and combines tradition and modern.

Alpenstrick cardigan in green with embroiderd flowers
Alpenstrick cardigan in green with embroiderd flowers

Alpenstrick cardigan
Alpenstrick cardigan

We also stock the Austrian brand Alpenstrick!
Alpenstrick has been discussed in detail in the paragraph dealing with men’s knitwear.

Make your shopping a real experience. Browse through our range of brands and make yourseld comfortable in our friendly and relaxed environment. Our team will accompany your with their expert knoeledge and honest advice!

We are looking forward to your visit!

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